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Welcome to Sartor, your gateway to a vibrant world of authentic Black fashion and cultural inspiration. Immerse yourself in the richness of Afro heritage as you explore a diverse range of fashion styles, patterns, and designs meticulously curated from talented designers across the world. At Sartor, we celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of Black fashion, bringing you unique and exclusive pieces that embody the essence of Black's diverse cultures and traditions. Whether you're seeking contemporary Black fashion or timeless classics, our platform connects you with a community of designers who are passionate about sharing their stories through their creations. Join us on this exciting journey of self-expression, empowerment, and cultural appreciation, as we redefine the global fashion landscape one stitch at a time.

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In this day and age What does skin color have to do with making great fashion? Nothing; yet for years, Black artists and designers have struggled to get eyes on their work, been passed over for opportunities, and made to feel like there isn't a spot for them at the table....

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Sartor Designer's

Sartor Designer's

Miguel Wilson is the #1 DESIGNER FOR MEN WEDDING ATTIRE IN ATLANTA , born in Washington DC, obtained his Bachelors of Arts at Clark Atlanta University and an MBA from Campbell University. afterwards Miguel began his career in fashion as a custom clothier, making suits for many notable people in sports, business, politics and religion.

miguel wilson

Born in London to Nigerian parents, Mackenzie’s upbringing was not without adversity. Growing up in a Wandsworth council estate in the 1990’s bestowed a troubling backdrop of gang culture and crime for the lives of Mackenzie and his four siblings as they were raised by a single mother, and certainly made its mark on their lives.

Andrew Mackenzie

is a designer whose appreciation for luxury footwear and impeccable craftsmanship inspired the creation of her footwear brand. After completing a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, Titi, who grew up between Lagos and London, embarked on a journey to express her purest self by way of design.

Titi Adesanya

Born in Anchorage, Alaska Aminah Abdul-Jillil began as a professional dancer in Los Angeles, performing with some of the biggest names in music including Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. In 2019, Aminah was awarded ’Accessory Designer Of The Year’ by ESSENCE Magazine. What makes Aminah Abdul-Jillil's designs unique is her excitement to "try something different"..


My name is Olivet chukwuebuka Odigwe Nelson,I Am generally an Honest and simple going person i like being honest so i like to meet honest peoplei love to dance cos it makes me forget all the hustles and stress in life and takes ma mind off everything and just have fun. I love to hangout as well but as we know there is time for everything, i believe in dedication and hardwork cos lifes not a platter of gold no one would hand you fish u gotta learn how to fish yourself.

Olivet chukwuebuka

Recent years, his name has become synonymous with style, luxury, and meticulous craftsmanship.Fabrice’s signature Graffiti collections bear his personal life motto on the soles- “One Battle at a Time, One Day at a Time”, hoping to ignite important social conversations or spread messages of struggle and perseverance.

Fabrice Tardieu

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